Podcast Buurten by Jamie Jansen

From KOP (Kickstarter for art & design talent), three young artists Jesse, Wouter and Jamie were commissioned to create temporary works at three locations in the public space of Breda. This entire trajectory is called 'Buitenspelen' and is part of the summer program 2021 in Breda.  

As KOP itself writes: "We note that Covid-19 creates new opportunities and believe that artists and designers in particular have the ability to see problems as challenges. With traveling art interventions in the public space, KOP wants to contribute to finding new insights and solutions for social issues. 

Together with Breda Buiten for three months, we present art interventions at various locations in Breda by three artists who graduated in 2020  St. Joost School of Art & Design Breda. 'Boyscout Designer' Bouke Bruins  as 'project manager Buitenspelen' challenged the makers to create works that interact between people, objects and space in a 1.5 meter society. Meeting and connecting are the main themes."​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Photo 1 & 3 © Rob Lipsius & Photo 2 © Bouke Bruins  

I, Jamie Jansen, went looking for a way to introduce local residents and their neighbourhood to each other. The podcast 'Buurten' was created from the idea that meeting in times of a pandemic is no longer obvious. In the podcast I talk to the residents about the neighbourhood. In this way I want to give others the opportunity to listen to known and unknown stories from the neighbourhood.

Listen to the podcast here:  www.jamiejansen-media.com/buurten-podcast


Photography © Jamie Jansen

© 2021 Jamie Jansen 

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