Britt onderzoek
Producer / Project Manager

Are you unable to make a working schedule and/or approach the right people for your project? Then perhaps a collaboration with a producer or project manager is something for you!

Together we can join our forces and skills to lift the project to a higher level. What can I offer you as a producer / project manager: a clear and structured (flexible) planning, help with approaching the right contacts, my network of people from inside and outside of the art world, a regular (daily/weekly) personal reminder message of important deadlines and I also like to think along with you about the content of the current project.

In this way I was able to supervising Britt van den Boogaard with her project 'Trance Machine'. I helped her with the production and management of her installation. I did this by keeping a tight schedule for her and drawing her attention to this. In addition, I helped her with setting up her emails, finding experts and and writing down important conversations to keep Britt and her project up to date.


Britt herself often experiences stress because she finds it difficult to have control over several things at once. She herself is very good at creating and performing her visual work. In order not to let her dwell too much on the business aspects of the field, I was there for her as a producer / project manager. That way, Britt could focus on her qualities and she also had the support she needed to keep everything in order for her.

We regularly had joint conversation in which both she and I had learned from each other. I believe that a collaboration between makers and producers always brings new insights for both parties. What are you waiting for, contact me on this page!

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