Liesbos 360 graden
Virtual Reality and 360 degree projects

Through a 360 degree tour interested parties can look around a location without having to physically visit it. The online world has never been more important in today's society. Virtual Reality (VR) and 360 degrees video / photography offers opportunities for this new age.


During my internship at Boldly XR ( I learned to work with VR and 360 degree programs and equipment. Below some examples:

Behind the scenes


CrossFit 7 Mountains

CrossFit 7 Mountains is the first official CrossFit box from Moerdijk. Through a 360 degree tour it is possible to see what the CrossFit location looks like spatially.

Highlight History Tour

During my internship at Boldly XR, I made a 360 city tour called "Highlight History Tour" of Breda. This tour incorporates all the landmarks about the history of the city of Breda. These landmarks have been included in the 360 city tour with authentic photos from Stadsarchief Breda.

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